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Ripples of Grace

Bringing God's Grace to Isolated Folk and Small Churches

Daphne C. Reiley

Consulting Pastor, Spiritual Director,
Community Speaker, and Minister at Large

Who Am I?  What Am I About?

Moving through life with God in my heart, I share my belief that when we gather as community our gifts combine into something unique and beautiful--regardless of how many we are.  I honor the struggles many small churches encounter when doing their best to continue worshiping and serving God in the ways Christ has called them. Through these core beliefs, I am called to assist small churches in continuing their holy work in the world in healthy and joyous ways.

I am a trained spiritual director who offers deep spiritual listening with congregations who are in discernment. I am a strong believer in the duty of churches to support family caregivers, including providing home worship services. Encouraged by the light of the Holy which inhabits those souls living with dementia, I bring experience with providing communion to home bound families and individuals who are caregivers. I am available to train and accompany congregants as they practice providing such services. See A Tapestry of Love, The Spirituality of Caregiving, co-written with the Rev. Dr. Joseph LaGuardia.

I am passionate about inclusion, ecumenism, and interfaith dialogue. I have volunteered with the Afghan Resettlement Project here in Georgia.  I was a member of the Open & Affirming Task Force at First Christian Church of Decatur (Disciples of Christ) and am a member of the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance. See Love, then Listen; Sharing My Son’s Journey Toward His True Gender.

I believe in the power of spiritual disciplines, especially prayer, lectio divina, and spiritual direction. If you are a church within the Region of Georgia, I am here for you should you need pulpit supply, spiritual support for congregational crises, or discernment around your future as a small church.

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Photo Credit: Dave Marcus 2022


2019-2022  Pastoral Ministry
Lexington Theological Seminary

2014-2019  Spiritual Direction
Columbia Theological Seminary

2008-2010  Spiritual Formation
Columbia Theological Seminary

More Specifically . . .

Small churches have the power through their spiritual gifts to create Ripples of Grace in the world. Ripples of Grace flow out from communities of Christians, no matter the size.

My vocation is to provide support to small congregations who find themselves struggling to call and retain a full-time pastor. Support looks like preaching as requested as well as providing other pastoral care services such as pastoral care visitations. I also provide spiritual direction opportunities to help the congregation understand their needs and wants with respect to their future as a part of the Body of Christ.

I lead from the teachings of Christ with relevant references to the Old Testament, understand the importance of opportunities found in listening deeply, and provide a reflective presence during spiritual direction.

I have spent many years listening to God about this as well as preparing through education and training.

Specific services and fees are listed below.


Photo Credit: Dave Marcus 2022

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