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White Sand and Stone

Love, Then Listen is the right advice for all parents of LGBTQ kids. Daphne Reiley's heartwarming book about her journey to "love, then listen" with her own child is essential reading for all parents who find themselves on a journey they never expected.  Highly recommended!


Rev. Dr. David P. Gushee
Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics
Director, Center for Theology & Public Life,
Mercer University

White Sand and Stone

This short book is rich with comfort, guidance, inspiration and hope for those providing care to other people. The authors' use of the story of Mary and Martha is so approachable and so profound, and the story made it so very easy to see myself in these pages. I know I will read this book over again often, when I need reminding, like Martha, to keep the busy-ness of my life from taking over my life.

J. Morris

"A Tapestry of Love" Amazon Review

hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

This is a wonderful, straight from the heart account from a mother who embraced her transgender son with love and compassion. Daphne’s faith is strong and so evident as she shared her family’s story with us all. She is not afraid to show us her vulnerability as she learns so much from her growing relationship with her son. I love how her congregation embraced her and her family on this path. This is the true lesson and wisdom of the Christ: love, then listen. This little book will help so many who struggle with gender identity, especially in these times of growing intolerance.

Musical Swami

"Love, Then Listen" Amazon Review

[Love, Then Listen] is an extremely important book for parents struggling to reconcile their faith and their child's transgender identity. When religious beliefs are at odds with the child's gender identity, it can be painful for the entire family. Parents often find themselves confused and grieving. During this time, finding strength in one's faith is vital. Author Daphne Reiley lights the way in this incredibly powerful, personal, and inspiring spiritual journey.

Kristine Medea, LPC, BCETS
Executive Director and Founder, TransThriving: Therapeutic Wellness Program for Gender Diverse
Youth & Families

Love, Then Listen is a moving testimony to the strength one can receive from both their personal relationship with God, and a supportive faith community, when a loved one transitions. This author and mother of a transitioning teen shares her personal story in a clear, concise and compelling way. I especially appreciated the helpful insights and recommendations she shares in the chapter on “What Worked and What Didn’t Work for Our Family” – especially her suggestions about things to do, and not do, when telling others about a transitioning child.

Linda Herzer

"Love, Then Listen" Amazon Review

White Sands

I recommend this book to anyone that has persons they care for, including Elders and Deacons in ministry.

Ruben Rodriguez

"A Tapestry of Love" Amazon Review

Footprints in the Sand

As a minister, I immediately saw how this book would be a great resource for anyone who wanted to understand caregiving better. It is easy to read and teaches from multiple perspectives using Mary, Martha, Lazarus and Jesus.


"A Tapestry of Love" Amazon Review

This beautiful book tells the author’s story of her experience throughout her son’s journey toward his true gender. Beautifully written, honest, and drenched in grace, the story reveals her (and her family’s) effort to understand and support her son in ways she hadn’t anticipated. It will surely help others to confront their own grief and questions in the context of faith as they support their child’s gender identity. “Love, Then Listen” is both simple (really, love the child and then listen!) and honoring of the complexity that a family must face with a child’s gender transition. Well done!

Julie Fleming-Wickham

"Love, Then Listen" Amazon Review

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