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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction services are available on an hourly basis.

Individual: $80/hr

Congregational: $100/hr

Both individual and congregational services are available in person and via ZOOM.  In person is preferred when offered to a congregational group.  I am available to contract for multiple sessions when a congregation is in discernment.  Includes a visioning worksheet for congregational use.

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Spiritual Direction is a practice in which the individuals involved listen deeply for what God might be saying or doing within the life of the individual.  By regularly sitting in silence and paying attention, one can grow closer to God and oneself. 

Spiritual Direction is especially helpful when one is in discernment.  Discernment is a period of time in which thought is given to a choice or a particularly difficult decision needing to be made.  Sitting and listening with a trained spiritual director can aid in the listening process for the individual.  A trained spiritual director is able to "hold space" and welcome the Holy into the room so that the Holy is part of a silent conversation of the heart, head, and soul.

This same Presence holds true during group sessions.  The sense of the Presence is often felt differently during a group session since each individual brings with them a different understanding of their relationship to the Holy as well as what it is exactly they are seeking.  This might sound like a group session could be chaotic or unhelpful when actually, since God is in the room, much progress can be made if all those present are willing to hear and be heard.  That part is where a good Spiritual Director comes into play.  The Spiritual Director sometimes acts as a traffic director, making sure all who desire to be heard are heard.

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