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Forest Wedding Photography


Pricing starts at $500

Weddings are as diverse as those who commit themselves to living in a loving relationship.

When I meet with a couple for the first time, we discuss many things.  Pre-marital counseling (6 hours) is included in my fee as it is often required/recommended by the Probate Courts in Georgia, qualifying the couple for a discount in fees when a certificate is presented at the time a marriage license is acquired.

Location for the wedding is often one of the most fun aspects to be discussed!  I am open to officiating ceremonies pretty much wherever the couple requests.  Two of my favorite weddings have been one conducted on the nature trail at a local elementary school in the outdoor classroom area ala flash mob, and the other celebrated in a creek at a dance camp with the couple and I standing on some beautiful flat stones in the creek bed with all the witnesses gathered around -- either standing in the water or on other rocks!

Gay Couple with their Son
Wedding Decorations
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