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Preaching Services  $250*
Includes preparation and presentation of a Sermon in conjunction with congregational requirements as to your choice of scriptural text.

*Additional fee if 50+ miles away
$25/hr of drive time

Hands Holding Beads
Candles & Plants
Christian Booklet

Every preacher has a story!

My first experience was at First Christian Church of Decatur (Disciples of Christ) and I was so very excited!  I had a story to share, a story I had learned out of scripture--that God had written God's Covenant in our hearts!  What a concept!!

Since that time, I have preached a good many times at various places: other congregations and assemblies.  I always present God's word as I have heard it and as I believe folks can hear it.  In my scholastic journey I have learned the tools of exegesis and sermon preparation and delivery. I hope we have an opportunity to meet some time when I preach near you!

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